Abbey cuddles her Russian Blue cat named Captain.

Abbey, Client Care Representative

Abbey previously lived in Kitchener, Ontario. Abbey moved to Toronto for University. She has experience in both Animal Care and Client Care from her previous clinic in Kitchener.

“Communicating with people who love their fur babies just as much as I love mine always puts a smile on my face. Being able to be a part of their journey from sick to healthy, or even just from puppy or kitten to an adult is an ongoing reward.”

As a Client Care Representative, Abbey makes sure that every day operates as smoothly as possible. From booking appointments to calling to see how patients are feeling after their appointment, her job is to ensure that all our clients and patients are satisfied and feel comfortable with their experience at Blue Cross Animal Hospital.

Abbey currently attends school at Ryerson University in a program called Creative Industries. She has a true-love for animals, and she is also very creative and has a passion for telling stories through film, dance, and other artistic media. She has a Russian Blue cat named Captain who she adopted from the Toronto Humane Society upon moving to our city, as well as a senior Chihuahua named Champ.

“The most entertaining experience I have working here is that moment a pet and their owner are reunited after being away from each other. The entire room lights up after seeing the pet filled with excitement to see their owner, and the owner thrilled to see their pet feeling better. It never gets old!”