Dr. Swarney and her Irish Setter, Brandy.

Dr. Ann Swarney, Veterinarian

Dr. Swarney grew up in Toronto and became a veterinarian because she enjoys being around animals, and medicine and surgery. She got her BSc. from McGill University, and attended Ontario Veterinary College.

“I love being around animals and the fantastic fun people at Blue Cross!”

Dr. Swarney got experience helping out with lambs during March breaks at a farm, and after she graduated she spent some time in large animal practice.

At one point while she was working as a large animal vet, a farmer passed out during a c- section on his cow. Dr. Swarney’s husband, who has no medical background had to scrub in and help with the birth. Cow and calf did very well post-op!

During her days at the hospital, Dr. Swarney spends time on preventative care such as vaccinations and deworming and wellness exams of your pets. She diagnoses and treats sick pets, and does surgery and dentistry.

Ann loves spending time with her family, skiing, travelling, and being around the animals, clients and “fantastic fun people” at Blue Cross Animal Hospital. She has an Irish Setter named Brandy, and she would love to have a goat and a turkey! Recently her family adopted a twenty-three pound cat they have christened “the Fat Cat”, after a Danish folktale. They’re working on turning him into the Fit Cat.