Dr. Eaglesome cuddles a kitten.

Dr. Hazel Eaglesome, Veterinarian, Hospital Owner

Born in Yorkshire, England Dr. Eaglesome has ALWAYS wanted to be a vet. Her father was a veterinarian, and she made her first diagnosis at the age of three while on a farm visit with him (“It’s milk fever, Dad.”) Her family moved to Canada, and Dr. Eaglesome attended the University of Guelph where she received her DVM.

For Dr. Eaglesome, the wonderful part about being a vet is the variety in her day. She can be diagnosing complex medical cases one minute and doing surgery the next. And who doesn’t love a cute puppy or kitten visit? Since joining the hospital in 1988, Hazel has moved from being a staff vet to partner, to owner. During that time many things have changed both in the field of veterinary medicine and here at Blue Cross Animal Hospital. The evolution into our current high standard of patient and client care has been challenging, fascinating and fun.

“We get to start puppies and kittens on the right track for a healthy future. We see our patients through illnesses and injuries. We do preventive health care as well as healing, and there is always something new to learn. We have happy times and very sad times but we NEVER have boring times. Our patients and their people make our day.”

Dr. Eaglesome is a member of The College of Veterinarians of Ontario, The Ontario Veterinary Association, The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, The American Association of Feline Practitioners, The American Animal Hospital Association and The Academy of Veterinary Nutrition.

With a passion for both cats and dogs, Dr. Eaglesome currently has two cats: Bowmore and Henry. When she’s not caring for all the four-legged fur people, Dr. Eaglesome makes time to golf, scuba dive and travel.

“I love the passionate, caring team of pet care professionals we have put together. I am proud of our high standard of care.”

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