Dr. Ellison and his tortoiseshell cat Gloria.

Dr. Michael Ellison, Veterinarian

Dr. Ellison has had a passion for animals and has wanted to be a veterinarian since he was 8 years old, when he asked his parents if animals have doctors.

With that goal in mind, after growing up in Toronto, he attended the University of Western Ontario and the Ontario Veterinary College. Since graduating, Dr. Ellison has practiced in Florida, North York, Mississauga, and has now brought this variety of experience to Blue Cross Animal Hospital.

“BCAH is a wonderfully friendly working environment with a strong emphasis on teamwork. I enjoy building relationships with clients and their pets and becoming part of their family health care team.”

True story: Once while working at one of these earlier practices, he thought there was a cat loose somewhere in the building. He then realized that the African Grey Parrot that was boarding there, had learned to exactly replicate the “meow” of the cat it lived with.

Beyond performing surgery, dentistry, diagnosing, treating and preventing medical conditions, Dr. Ellison has a strong interest in ultrasound imaging. He has taken a number of courses in this field and plans to do more.

Dr. Ellison’s own family includes his lovely wife, his beautiful baby daughter, Ivy Rayne, and two cats, named Gloria–that’s Gloria on his shoulder–and Kashmir (named after Van Morrison and Led Zeppelin songs). Off duty, Dr. Ellison enjoys playing guitar himself, as well as recreational hockey and golf. A die hard Maple Leafs fan through all the recent hard times, he’s really hoping the future is bright for the team. GO LEAFS GO!

“I am here to protect and preserve the bond between family members of different species and to advocate for those that cannot advocate for themselves.”