Technician Elaine and Batty, our clinic cat.

Elaine, Veterinary Technician

Elaine was born in Manchester, England, grew up in Scarborough, and now lives in Peterborough with her two sons. She has always loved animals. After growing up breeding Alaskan Malamutes, she went to Seneca College to train as a Veterinary Technician. Elaine currently counts among her animal family three cats: Hummer, who is 17, Rosy, 3, and RT, who is just ten months, as well as an Amazon Parrot named Rikki.

During her day at Blue Cross Animal Hospital, Elaine can be found doing all things technician: collecting blood, bandaging wounds, placing IV catheters, dentistry, x-rays, administering medications and anesthesia, assisting in surgery, educating clients, and of course dishing out loads of compassion and TLC to all our patients!

“What I love about Blue Cross Animal Hospital is all the Furry Things–and the great atmosphere and friends!”

Outside of work, Elaine likes, music, computers, movies and spends a lot of time watching her boys play soccer and hockey.