Heather and her cat

Heather, Client Care Representative

Heather grew up in the GTA and has reveled in having pets her whole life – dogs, cats, many different small animals and rodents, birds and reptiles.

After graduating with honors from both Trent University and Seneca College in other fields, on a whim, Heather started a part-time job dog walking in Toronto in 2014. Part-time turned into full-time, dog walking turned into working in dog daycares, and in 2015 she found herself managing a very busy daycare here in the city. As she describes it, she couldn’t get enough. At one point Heather could comfortably walk up to 13 dogs on leash. (The pack had been walking with her for a long time and they knew each other well, but it was still lots of fun and a sight to see!)

“Everyday is entertaining when animals are a part of the mix. They never cease to make me laugh with their crazy antics and loving ways.”

Heather’s next logical career move was to a veterinary clinic in 2017. She worked in their boarding facility and learned the more medical side of things and how clinics ran.

She was “in awe” of the receptionists here – their calm demeanor, and their ability to have 100 things on the go and still be able to warmly greet whoever walked into the clinic. They just seemed to know everything about everything! When Blue Cross Animal Hospital called and offered her the job as a Client Care team member Heather was beyond excited.

“Blue Cross Animal Hospital could not be a more welcoming workplace. The staff here could not be more dedicated or have bigger hearts than they do. Very quickly, this place has begun to feel like home.”

At the front desk you will find Heather welcoming clients and patients when they arrive, and getting them set up for their time with the doctors and technicians. She greets the pets and hands out plenty of treats and pats to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. She keeps reception and the exam rooms tidy, stocked, and ready for the next patient. While in the call center, Heather directs clients phone calls, takes orders, schedules appointments, and checks in on patients that have been in recently.

True to form, Heather currently has 4 domestic short hair cats – Holly (17y) and Pea (15y) have been with her since they were just handfuls of fluff. In November 2018 she welcomed litter-mates Bill and Doug (7y).

“There is something profoundly special about animals and their abilities to comfort us, make us laugh, keep us company, and fill our lives with joy – I want to be able to give back and let them know that we are thankful that they are a part of our lives.”

When she’s not absorbed with animals, Heather loves to read, hike, go birding, and spend as much time outdoors as she can.

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