Jenna, Veterinary Assistant

After growing up in Kingston Ontario, Jenna moved to Toronto six years ago. She went to OCADU for photography but she loves being around animals and taking care of those in need, so she has always had jobs in the animal industry.

During the course of her day, Jenna feeds and cleans the cats and dogs in our care, holds pets for procedures such as bloodwork and radiographs, and cares for the pets after they have had surgery.

“I always try to spend time with the sick animals and help make them feel comfortable.”

Jenna’s own pets include a three year old American bulldog boxer mix named Natas, a six year old hypo-motley corn snake named Clementine, and Killdeer, a 9 year old a leopard gecko!

Jenna thrives on being outdoors, hiking, camping, cycling, anything that involves her pets, photography, drawing and painting. Recently she kayaked from Kingston to Ottawa in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. Read our post Jenna Kayaks for Cancer.

“Blue Cross has an amazing group of employees who are dedicated to the health and well being of animals. Taking pride in what we do always feels great.”