Nerma, Co-Hospital Manager

Nerma was born in Banja Luka, Bosnia but moved here when she was 8. She has lived in wonderful East York for about 15 years now. Her grandfather had a farm, and she spent a huge portion of her early childhood with animals of all kinds. She enjoyed her time with them so much that she continues to spend most of her day with them as an adult.

Like everyone on the Client Care team, Nerma’s job consists of helping clients, both in person at our front desk, and on the phone in our call center. She greets clients, answers questions, books appointments, and makes follow-up calls to ensure that pets are progressing as expected after an appointment. As well, she can help you with diet selection for your pet, and discuss any upcoming surgeries or appointments.

Nerma started her career in the Veterinary profession 7 years ago. Her sister Nejra already worked at Blue Cross, and she begged her to put in a good word (though apparently she had to suck up to her a little first 😉 ). Nerma came in to the hospital to ‘volunteer’ one day and has refused to leave ever since! She has taken many courses over the years that help her provide excellent care our clients and their pets.

“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing a pet who was very ill leave the clinic feeling 100%. I love seeing owners’ faces when they get to take their pets home after a long stay with us. The reunion between a pet and their owner is a special sight–it never fails to amaze me.”

Nerma has a 7-year old cat named Mellow, though she says Mellow’s name is not a very good representation of her personality. Mellow loves the sound of her own voice more than anything and refuses to let anyone sleep in past 6:30am; this is when breakfast must be served! She also has a 2-year old dog named Nyx who unlike her sister is very quiet and doesn’t mind sleeping in on occasion. With the two of them there’s never a dull moment.

With a love of reading, Nerma and has also spent some of her free time dabbling in writing. Hopefully one day we will all read a book written by her””maybe it will feature Blue Cross, about which she says “there’s never a dull moment”.

Factoid: Nerma has a twin sister who also works at BCAH. Most people don’t know this, they tend to think she works all day and changes her uniform several times throughout her shift!