Robert, Patient Care Attendant

Born and raised in Toronto, always with a dog in the household, Robert has always had a love for pets. He worked for 3 yrs at the Toronto Humane Society, and then made the change to Blue Cross Animal Hospital to continue helping animals.

Robert’s busy day involves all aspects of care for pets in our custody. He cleans various parts of the clinic, including the surgery and treatment room, does hospital laundry, and cleans and sterilizes surgical packs in the autoclave.

“My main job is to keep my furry buddies clean and comfortable.”

He walks the hospitalized and boarding dogs, and monitors in-hospital pets for food intake and output and enters any information needed on their records.

Robert has four cats and a beagle named Bandit who is 9 years old. His favourite breed is the Basset hound and in the future he would like to get another.

Robert love sports(hockey,football and baseball) and of course his furry friends. In the past he’s been in track and field and won the city championship for 100-yard dash!