Shawna and a puppy

Shawna, Client Care Representative

Shawna was born in Seoul, South Korea, and lived there until I was 8 (She’s still pretty fluent in Korean). Shawna then lived all over Vancouver, BC, before moving to Toronto in 2016 to start university. She is currently studying Biology at Ryerson University, and hopes to become a veterinarian.

Since she was young, Shawna has always loved animals. She volunteered at the Vancouver Aquarium throughout high school as a Gallery Educator, teaching guests all about our marine mammals, wildlife, and conservation efforts. From there, she got the chance to volunteer at their Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, looking after patients such as dolphins and sea otters.

Shawna has also volunteered at the Toronto Wildlife Centre as a Nursery Attendant, feeding and cleaning animals who were too sick or young to do so themselves. For Shawna, there is no better feeling than being involved in the recovery process of a sick or injured animal.

As a Client Care Team Member, here at Blue Cross Animal Hospital, Shawna works both in our Call Centre and at the front desk. She greets clients and welcomes the patients with some love or a treat (or both). She answers questions in person and over the phone, books appointments and surgeries, and follows up on patients after their visit with us.

“I love being a part of an animal’s life – even if it’s a short while in the waiting room, or just giving a treat. It’s very rewarding to be a part of their lives and sometimes, their recoveries! It’s amazing that I can experience these moments with a team as great as the one at BCAH. ”

Shawna has an 8 year-old toy poodle back in BC named Coco. Her dream is to own a Sphynx cat one day. When she’s not working with animals, Shawna can be found going to concerts and drinking good coffee!