Tamzin and a dog named Frankie.

Tamzin, Patient Care Attendant

Born and raised in London, England, Tamzin emigrated to Canada in 1985 to become a nanny. She graduated from Sheridan College’s Animal Care program in 2012, and worked at Veterinary Emergency Clinic in the ICU for a year before joining the team at Blue Cross Animal Hospital.

“I’ve always been around animals. I love their honesty – they let you know exactly how they are feeling.”

Tamzin spends her day making sure that the patients are kept clean and comfortable, and fed on time. She also holds animals for treatments, assists the technicians, cleans, and generally does whatever is needed to make sure pets in our care are safe and happy.

In addition to having several cats herself, Tamzin has fostered many cats for a local cat rescue organization. Over the years she has fostered over 100 cats and kittens!

Tamzin loves reading, gardening, and all kinds of crafts, including making miniatures for dollhouses, and is a major superhero movie geek.

“One winter, I assisted a tech taking a German Shepherd for a midnight walk, and as he was weak, we took him out in a wagon. On the way back, we started to laugh and agreed that it should have been a Husky that we were taking on a sleigh ride through the snow.”