Patient Care team member Valeria.

Valeria, Patient Care Attendant

Valeria was born in Columbia and moved to Canada with her mother at the age of ten.

She has always wanted to do something to help others. Valeria started by studying for a degree in psychology, but realized during that her true interest lay in helping care for animals. She has always loved since I was very young, and by working with animals, she can help both them and their owners at the same time.

Valeria’s day at Blue Cross Animal Hospital consists of holding pets during physical exams, blood draws, X-rays and more. She also clean pet’s cages and helps them to feel as comfortable and safe as possible at all times.

“I love being able to help and comfort pets, while in such a friendly and positive environment as the one created by my coworkers at BCAH ”

Before joining the team at Blue Cross Animal Hospital, Valeria has taking cared for her own pets and volunteered at a shelter.

She has a beautiful spicy 2 year old female calico cat named Coral. Valeria met Coral while volunteering at a shelter. At the time, Coral was semi-feral but making progress. Valeria decided to adopt her and with lots of patience and love she has now transformed into a very sweet cat who loves attention and being patted.