A New Face in Client Care: Welcome, Heather!

We are very happy to welcome Heather to our wonderful Client Care team. You will meet her on the phone, or assisting you and your four-legged family at our front desk. Heather has had pets all her life and has a deep love for pets of all kinds. You can learn more about Heather by…


Is Your Dog Fat? How to Tell and What to Do About It

In Canada’s pet wellness report, Canadian veterinarians identified weight management as the #1 thing owners can do to increase the length of their pet’s life. We want you to be able to pick up on signs that your pet is overweight so that we can tackle it before it gets out of control and starts to have impacts on your dog’s health.


Wednesday Staff Training: All About Canine Adolescence

You may know that once a month we close the doors for three hours on a Wednesday afternoon. You might think it’s unusual for us to spend valuable daylight hours closed to clients, but these hours go to the heart of our practice here at Blue Cross Animal Hospital. Our mission statement starts with these…


Spunky Sven is Looking for a Home

Spunky Sven is looking for his forever home! He’s a neutered male, 11 months old and full of energy! If you’re interested in meeting him, please call us at (416) 469-1121!