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Blue Cross Animal Hospital

Introducing Pet Drop-off!

dog in carrier , white back ground

January 24, 2012

So you have to get the kids to school, you’ve got meetings all day, lunch with an old friend, and Jane has to be picked up from skating. You wake up in the morning and the cat’s been throwing up all night.

Days like these are why we’re introducing Pet Drop-off. Pet Drop-off is available Monday to Friday from 8am to 10am, so your pet can see a veterinarian, even when you’re too busy for an appointment.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Call and book a drop-off. Drop-offs are available from 8am-10am, Monday to Friday.

  2. Bring your pet in. Allow 15 minutes to review the problem with a veterinary technician.

  3. Leave a deposit, and your phone number. You MUST BE REACHABLE BY PHONE throughout the day, as treatment will not proceed without your authorization.

  4. Arrange to pick up your pet. Because you have been in contact throughout the day, an additional appointment with the doctor will likely not be necessary.

The fine print.

You will be asked to leave a deposit of $150, to cover the cost of the initial exam and day care. Note that all drop-offs will be charged a day rate for boarding. Additional charges will be outlined by the Veterinarian when they call to discuss the Patient Care Plan.

You will be asked to sign a broad authorization form and Patient Care Plan so that we may treat your pet later in the day. We will not proceed with any treatment or diagnostic testing without final telephone authorization.