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Blue Cross Animal Hospital

Monty's Looking For the Purr-fect Home

Monty the Cat at Blue Cross Animal Hospital

March 28, 2019

Monty is a five-year-old, neutered male cat looking for his forever home!

EDIT, April 5th: Monty has a home! Thanks, everyone for getting the word out.

He’s a brown tabby and while he is shorthaired, we suspect he may be mixed with another breed due to his large size and spotty pattern – possibly a Bengal mix! This big guy is an absolute love bug. He loves attention and will be your shadow as you go about your day. He will follow you around asking for pets and maybe a few treats here and there. Although he is definitely a big kitty, he has a tiny baby-like meow! His sweet little meows will melt your heart.

 Monty enjoys lounging and napping in places he can be close to his favourite humans. When he isn’t stretched out in a cozy space, he is playing with his toys. He can often be found tossing his catnip knot and stuffed mouse wand around! Monty is also an extremely smart fellow. We have taken to putting his treats in a puzzle feeder, as he likes to gobble them up so fast! He has gotten so good at finding the treats in the puzzle feeder; we are always looking for new ways to keep him stimulated.

Although Monty is very friendly with all humans, he is not a fan of other animals and will therefore need to be the only pet in a household. He is on a special urinary diet and medication for life. Monty can’t wait to meet the lucky family that will get to take him home! If you are interested in meeting Monty, please email us at [email protected] or call us at (416) 469-1121.