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Does My Pet Need Dental Treatment?

Not sure if your pet needs teeth cleaning or dental treatment?

Here’s our quick checklist of things that likely indicate that your dog or cat needs teeth cleaning or other dental care:

  • Is there brown buildup around the teeth or along the gum line?

  • Are the gums red, swollen, or bleeding?

  • Are there gaps where teeth are missing?

  • Is your pet reluctant to eat crunchy food, or do they chew on only one side?

  • Is there sometimes blood in your pet’s water bowl?

  • Is your cat or dog over two years old and has never had a dental exam?

  • Does your pet’s breath smell?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then your dog or cat likely has significant dental health issues. They likely need their teeth cleaned or other dental care. These dental health problems could be causing him or her great discomfort and may lead to future serious general health problems.

Doggie Breath isn’t “normal”. It’s a sign of dental disease or other underlying serious health problems.

Book a Dental Exam today: We’ll check out your pet’s mouth, alert you to any problems that we find, and set you on the road to future dental health.