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Blue Cross Animal Hospital

Why Choose Us

Dr. Mary Shears with a dog

Choosing the right healthcare provider for your beloved family pet can be a challenge. Read our list of “behind the scenes” factors that we think separate Blue Cross Animal Hospital from the pack. If you still have questions, give us a call, or drop us an email, and let us help you decide that Blue Cross Animal Hospital is the right choice for your four-legged family members.

We believe in hands-on loving care

Our large staff of compassionate animal-crazy people provide loads of love and personal care for your pet when they are in hospital. We know that a trip to the vet can be unnerving for your pet, particularly if they are in discomfort, and we believe the best way to alleviate that anxiety is love and attention. We pat, stroke, cuddle and chat to each and every one of the pets entrusted to our care. We truly comfort your pet as if he or she were a member of our own family.

We are AAHA Accredited

We are Accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. By passing and a set of 900 rigorous standards we join the approximately 15 percent of veterinary practices North America who hold themselves to the highest measure of excellence. Read more about what AAHA Accreditation means for you and your pet.

We have a separate Call Center

We’ve all been there. You’re standing at a counter, and the receptionist makes you wait while they answer the phone. Or you call a business, only to get put on hold while someone finishes a face-to-face transaction. How annoying is it to feel like you’re not the priority? We’ve separated the phones from the front desk, and moved them out of our waiting area. When you call our hospital, you get prompt telephone service and the undivided attention of the Client Care team member who answers the telephone. When you are working with someone at our front desk, you have their complete focus, without the background noise or interruption of ringing phones. Of course, if you prefer, you can always communicate with us by email at [email protected]

Our Pet Drop-off Program makes it easy for you to get your pet seen by a vet

If you have a sick pet and you are too busy to come in for an appointment, you can make use of our “Drop Off” program. From 8am-10am, you can bring your pet in to the hospital to be seen by a veterinarian later in the day. Learn more here.

Comfortable, Separate Dog and Cat Wards mean less stress for your pet

To minimize stress in both species, we try as much as possible to keep dogs and cats apart throughout their visit to us. In the waiting area we have “Cat Parking” shelves. You can put your cat’s carrier on a mid-height cat shelf, where they can see you, but are up away from feet and curious or anxious dogs in the waiting area. If your cat is admitted to the hospital, they will reside in a ward housing only other cats. If your dog is admitted, they will reside in a ward with only other dogs. Each cage or kennel is provided with comfortable bedding, fresh water, and appropriate food. Dogs are taken outside four times a day and cats have their litter changed after every use.

Our Staff Training Program keeps our great people at the top of their game

We have continuing education for all staff to ensure that they are current in all aspects of veterinary care. Our veterinarians regularly attend conferences and workshops to keep up to date on medications, anesthetics, and techniques to provide the best in patient care. As well, we have in-house training sessions and monthly staff meetings for all of our Technician, Animal Care, and Client Care Teams.

Our Client Education Program and Client Classes give you free pet care education

Our skilled veterinary technicians that can teach you how to do things for your pet like brush their teeth, give needed medications such as insulin and fluid therapy. As well we offer free scheduled Client Classes on a number of pet health topics.

We do thorough Follow-up Care

We like to touch base with you following your appointment and make sure that you had a great experience with us, and that your pet is responding to treatment with no complications. Of course you should call us if you have concerns before we contact you.

We care what you think

We want to hear from you! We have new client and existing client feedback forms online, and you can call us or email us at [email protected] at any time to give us feedback or suggestions.

We are proud to support our community

We are proud sponsors of Toronto Cat Rescue and Golden Retriever Rescue, the Farley Foundation, and Pet Trust.

Our Digital X-Ray and Lab speed results analysis

XRays and lab results instantly go into to your pet’s record across our internal network, for much faster diagnosis than is possible with traditional methods.

All our equipment is professionally inspected and maintained annually

While not required by regulation, we believe in keeping all our advanced equipment in superior condition. At least once a year, our digital x-ray, anesthetic machines, autoclave, microscope, dental equipment, and therapeutic laser are professionally inspected, cleaned, repaired and calibrated as appropriate. Quality control is done weekly on our in-house lab.

Our Webstore is an added convenience for our clients

Our clients can get all their pet products delivered. Sign up for our webstore.

Association Memberships extend our network of expertise

Memberships in the The Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, the American Association of Feline Practitioners, the American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition, and The Veterinary Information Network allow us to pool our expertise with an extended network of veterinarians discussing both general medicine and specialized topics.